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"Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane is part of PEP Web".
It is still possible to donate with a bank transfer:

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Donors' names are published on the journal and on the web site (see below)
(if you send a donation, please send an email to


The PEP (Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing) is the major data bank on the web of full-text psychoanalytic journals since their foundation. It collects the most important international psychoanalytic journals with all articles full-text since the first issue, such as The International Journal of Psychoanalysis (since 1920), The Psychoanalytic Quarterly (since 1932), The Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association (since 1953), The Psychoanalytic Review (since 1913), etc. It is a collection of enormous importance not only for amount of data, but also because it allows all sorts of search through keywords, phrases, authors, titles, etc., also with the feature that the searched text is highlighted; it also allows one to use bookmarks, to copy and paste parts of text in case one wants to export quotations, and so on.

In 2016 the PEP has asked the journal Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane [Psychotherapy and the Human Sciences] to be part of the collection, so that it will be available to readers and researches worldwide, increasing its visibility and importance for the psychoanalytic community. We have been pleased to accept, also because this invitation comes in a special moment: in 2016 the quarterly journal Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane reached its 50th Year of uninterrupted publication, so that this was also a nice way to celebrate this important Anniversary.

At this point one may ask why we have decided to launch a crowdfunding. The reason is simple: the amount of money that we have been asked in order to be part of PEP is 50,000 euros. This amount may be surprising, but the reason that it is so high is due to the fact that, for a journal that has 50 years of history, the work needed for scanning and digitalizing each page is enormous (PEP has calculated that about 78,851 million characters will have to be digitalized, and this is an approximate number since, as specified in the license agreement, the exact calculation will be done when the work will be completed, with the possibility of an increase of fee). And it is not a simple scanning, but a particular digitalization process of each word, which has to be "marked" with a special method (that would be too long to specify here) that allows for those types of search mentioned before. Also other journals of comparable years of publication had to pay a similar amount. It has to be added that this work will not be done in the US or in Europe, where the cost would be prohibitive, but in India (where we have to send all paper issues of the journal, that will be destroyed after the scanning).

A further reason why we have decided to do this crowdfunding among our subscribers, readers and friends is due to the fact that the journal Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane is one of the few journals that from the beginning, as a choice, is not related to any association or institution, and never accepts funding of any sort (and also never publishes advertising, even if it would be quite lucrative). Almost all other journals are economically supported by the association or institution they represent, and very likely without this support they would have to close down. Our journal, instead, is supported only by subscribers, and challenges the market, continuing to be one of the journals in the field in Italy with the widest circulation. This allows us total autonomy and freedom, without pressures of any sort.

We send this invitation for a crowdfunding to all those who believe in the cultural project we have followed since many years (critical thinking, passion for the confrontation of ideas, dialogue among the various "schools", etc.). Each one can send a contribution according to his/her choice. The crowdfunding campaign ended on December 17, 2016, when we met in Bologna to celebrate our 50th Anniversary., but it is still possible to donate with a bank transfer:

Router: IT04R0307502200CC8500635947
Account of Paolo Migone

We have already collected about 41,000 euros. Donors' names are published on the journal and on the web site (see below) (please send an email to in case you send a donation).

We have decided to be part of PEP Web regardless of the amount of money we collect (the difference will be paid by the journal's editors). We have already paid half of the requested sum, and shortly we'll pay the remaining part. All articles of the 50 years of Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane already appear full-text on the PEP web site (PEP subscribers have access to all articles full-text, but everybody can see the first page of every article and do searches with key words, copy and paste texts for quotations etc.).

We take this opportunity to say that since 2017 our journal is indexed also in Web of Science, one of the most important indexing data-bases. Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane is the only psychotherapy journal - and obviously also the only psychoanalytic journal - in Italy that is indexed in Web of Science.

The editors of Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane thank the following donors who have contributed to the crowdfunding "Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane is part of PEP Web":

Fiammetta Acernese
Francesco Agresti
Sabina Albonetti
Giorgia Aloisio
Giuliana Amorfini
Alberto Angelini
Andrea Angelozzi
Susanna Arcari
Francesco Argento
Luigi Antonello Armando
Associazione gli Amici (Torino)
Associazione per la Professione di Psicologo clinico e Psicoterapeuta dell'Emilia-Romagna (APPPER)
Associazione "Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane" (Bologna)
Maria Adele Azzi
Valeria Paola Babini
Fabrizio Bacchin
Federica Ballestracci
Paolo Barbieri
Brunella Bartalini
Chiara Bastelli
Piergiorgio Battaggia
Francesca Battaglia
Giuseppe Battaglia
Francesco Bellelli
Giulio Belluomini
Ezio Benelli
Alessandro Bernasconi
Annibale Bertola
Giovanna Bertoloni
Paola Bianchi
Stefano Bianchi
Arrigo Bigi
Marina Bilotta
Cesarina Biondi
Graziella Biscussi
Carlotta Bocchi
Lorenza Bolzani
Loredana Bonacina
Elisabetta Bono
Francesco Bottaccioli
Laura Briozzo
Maria Antonietta Brugnoli
Luisa Brunori
Natale Calderaro
Elisabetta Campanini
Francesco Campione
Stefano Candellieri
Maria Antonia Canton
Tullio Carere-Comes
Francesco Carnaroli
Stefano Carrara
Maria Pia Carro
Luciano Cella
Centro di Ricerca di Psicoterapia (CeRP) (Trento)
Marcello Cesa-Bianchi
Alessandro Cerri
Benvenuto Chiari
Bruno Chipi
Maria Teresa Cifatte
Daniela Ciriello
Pierluigi Ciritella
Nicoletta Collu
Dante Comelli
Marco Conci
Carmine Coppola
Alessandro Costa
Carlo Cristini
Sergio Dazzi
Marzio Dazzi
Ivana De Bono
Cesare D'Ecclesiis
Alessandra De Coro
Franco Del Corno
Arcangelo Dell'Anna
Giovanni De Plato
Daniela De Robertis
Antonio Di Ciaccia
Maria Mirella D'Ippolito
Costanza Dolce
Paola Donadini
Jack Drescher
Morris N. Eagle
Alberta Emiliani
Paola Fereoli
Piero Ferrero
Genovino Ferri
Daniela Ferrini
Antonio Maria Ferro
Rita Fioravanzo
Stefano Fissi
Massimo Fontana
Mauro Fornaro
Marco Franchini
Paolo Franchini
Francesco Franza
Isabella G. Franzoi
Fulvio Frati
Lawrence Friedman
Giuliana Gagliani
Margherita Galeotti
Irene Galli
Alessio Gamba
Gabriella Gambardella
Giacomo Gatti
Edi Gatti Pertegato
Elisa Ghetti
Nicola Gianinazzi
Clara Giannarelli
Paolo Giuganino
Lorenzo Giusti
Chiara Giustini
Annamaria Govi
Riccardo Gramantieri
Antonella Granieri
Lucia Graziosi
Antonio Grifa
Pedro Grosz
Ita Grosz-Ganzoni
Adriana Grotta
Emanuele Gualandri
Luigi Gualtieri
Gianni Guasto
Mariangela Guidetti
Franco Guidotti
Eugenia Iacinti
Emanuela Iappini
Comunità Terapeutica Il Porto (Moncalieri [Torino])
Livia Incerti
Salvatore Inglese
Cristina Innocenti
Augusto Iossa Fasano
Daniela Iotti
il Ruolo Terapeutico di Parma
Istituto Erich Fromm di Psicoanalisi Neofreudiana (Bologna)
Vladimir Jankovic
Horst Kächele
Ada Labanti
Giuseppe Lago
Ruggiero Lamantea
Alberto Lampignano
Maria Elisabetta Lanzafame
Ivano Lanzini
Maurizio La Pesa
Luciana La Stella
Ruben Lazzarini
Vittorio Lingiardi
Giovanni Liotti
Laura Litardi
Anna Maria Loiacono
Giovanni Batista Losito
David Lotto
Massimiliano Luppino
Fabio Madeddu
Antonio Maestrami
Franco Maiullari
Emanuela Manara
Maria Luisa Manca
Antonella Mancini
Stefania Mancini
Antonio Maone
Maria Luisa Mantovani
Michela Maragliano
Silvia Marchesini
Bruno Marchiò
Daniela Mario
Anna Massi
Marinella Mastinu
Francesco Matarrese
Nella Mazzoni
Giorgio Meneguz
Alberto Merini
Giovanni Meterangelis
Flavio Mombelli
Paola Morra
Clara Mucci
Amanda Musco
Andrea Nanni
Attà Negri
Catia Nicoli
Maja Neumann Norsa
Grazia Oberto
Maurizio Olivero
Eugenia Omodei Zorini
Maurilio Orbecchi
Osservatorio Psicologi Parmensi (OPP)
Bruno Ottolini
Marcello Panero
Giuseppe Pasini
Marco Passoni
Pietro Pellegrini
Paolo Peloso
Mario Perini
Fiora Pezzoli
Cristina Piazza
Mariangela Pierantozzi
Antonio Pirisi
Alessandro Poggiali
Umberto Ponziani
Piero Porcelli
Euro Pozzi
Bruna Prontera
Amalia Prunotto
Caterina Quarello
Alessandra e Mark Rathsack
Licia Reatto
Giancarlo Rigon
Patrizia Rizzoli
Gabriele Rocca
Paolo Roccato
Pier Luigi Rocco
Cesare Romano
Paolo Romano
Rosa Romano Toscani
Luisa Romei
Daniela Rossetti
Berthold Rothschild
Maria Letizia Rotolo
Maria Maffia Russo
Melissa Saccò
Thomas von Salis
Marta Sanfelici
Vincenzo Scalfari
Pasquale Scarnera
Giovanni Scolari
Laura Scotti
Piera Serra
Teresa Serra
David Shapiro
Società Italiana di Psicoanalisi della Relazione (SIPRe)
Anna Sozzi
Enzo Spaltro
Anna Chiara Stampanoni
Piero Stefanini
Maurizio Stupiggia
Simona Taccani
Giuseppe Tadiello
Maurizio Terzoni
Ines Testoni
Lorenza Tosarelli
Fiorella Trentini
Alessandro Uselli
Fabio Vanni
Giancarlo Ventimiglia
Mauro Venturello
Elisa Violante
Cecilia Waldekranz
Chiara Zampi
Lorenza Zanuso
Maria Zirilli
Salvatore Zizolfi
Gemma Zontini
Maria Zuccolin

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